How it all began

We all make choices in life, and most of my early ones weren't very good. Many people have come out of tough situations better for it, but I chose the path of rebellion and selfishness early on. I remember very distinctly, during the spring of eighth grade, deciding to stop trying to be a "good boy" and opt for a life of pleasure instead. However, there was always a sense within me that there was a God, and He was active in my life.

I barely graduated High School, then, after one semester in college, joined the Army. Thinking it was a horrible mistake, I managed to receive an early honorable discharge. While awaiting a return to college I bought a guitar and some Joni Mitchell albums, and within a year was playing in clubs. That was the beginning of a life pursuing the illusive music dream. My wife, Debbie, and I met at a club my band was playing in Ellenville, NY in the spring of 1980. Our two children were born "on-the-road" and, needless to say, we had nothing but the music and each other. The music scene is a lousy way to raise a family, but in the summer of '84 my dreams were about to become a reality. I had, what I thought to be, the perfect opportunity: I began to study under Jimmy Gannon, a jazz arranger and bassist with Buddy Rich and others. He told me that one day I would have to make a choice between music and family. Foolishly I thought I could have both. Little did I realize God had other plans for me.

One day, in the autumn of '84, while taking a break from practice, I discovered a Bible Debbie had given me when we first met. With a chip on my shoulder I decided to "find out what all this Jesus stuff is all about". Debbie encouraged me to read the Gospel of John. Interestingly, I sensed something inside telling me this was the truth I had been seeking, so, I continued reading. After finishing the New Testament, I began in Genesis. Each day my Bible reading increased while my guitar playing decreased. In a short time I just stopped going over to Jim's place, and was voraciously devouring the Bible. During this time Debbie and I had some incredible battles. I told her I wasn't in control anymore and didn't know what would happen if she stayed with me.

At the end of March, 1985, I sent Debbie and our two children to her parents until I discovered what would become of me. About two days later, while reading the Bible, God turned the light on. I realized why Jesus went to the cross for my sins; How it was my sin that caused Him to suffer and die for me. As the tears flooded down my face I cried out to God for forgiveness because of what I had done to His Son. Then I asked Him to take control of my life because I was blowing it. Immediately I felt the chains of bondage fall off, and I was a free man.

Taking the Bible literally I decided to sell everything in order to follow Jesus. We sold everything we had, including all my musical equipment except one guitar. I planned to offer that as a burnt sacrifice to the Lord, but instead, it was as if God told me not to. My response was, if that was the case, He would have to put the song in my heart. About a year later, the Holy Spirit inspired the writing of some thirty songs. It wasn't until recently that He has finally allowed me to record them and now, as He prepares the way, these songs are being used as a vehicle to advance the Gospel and Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the glory of God our Father.

All praise, glory and honor belong to our God. He alone is worthy, for He has redeemed us from our sin, brought us into His family, and made us one in Him. And so, to all who call upon Him in faith: may the pease of God, that passes all human understanding, keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. To those who have not surrendered, what's the hold up? He has so much good in store for you, you can't even imagine it now. Receive, by faith, the free gift of eternal life, and begin to experience a better life than you ever though possible. You may not have everything your little heart desires, but you'll have more than you ever thought possible. Peace with God is a priceless gift. Therein lies true happiness. Blessed are the pure in heart, they shall see God!