About us

We are modern day Wayfarin’ Strangers
and called to a specific task.

Heaven is our home, so we hold loosely to the things of this world. For the past seven years we have been traveling throughout these United States playing music and sharing Jesus. Our van is our home here on Earth as we live out of it most of the year.

Traveling Van

Howie and Debbie Campbell ~ Wayfarin’ Strangers

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Salvation and Early Ministry

Howie and Debbie Campbell were married in 1980 and had the joy of being saved within a month of each other in 1985. They have two children: Sarah born in 1982 and Seamus born in 1983.

Howie and Debbie Campbells Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day September 1980

Their call, once saved, was to follow the Lord Jesus, travel and tell everyone about the wonderful gift of salvation. Selling everything their plan was to venture off on horseback with their children, and armed with a pack of Bibles. The Lord had other plans though. He led them to the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation for three months, then moved them to Clifton Park, NY where they were discipled. Still the call to “go out” was strong. They took every opportunity to walk the streets, with the children and guitar, and draw attention for the purpose of sharing Jesus. Howie was referred to by the neighborhood kids as the “Dirt Road Preacher.”

Early Ministry

Early Ministry with our Family

For several years the family led a worship time with residents at O D Heck Developmental Center in Schenectady, NY. An unexpected blessing was receiving the “Volunteer of the Year” award in 1991.

Recognizing the Campbell’s call to “go out” the local church in Niskayuna, NY called for their commissioning as ‘home mission volunteers”. With the laying on of hands, their ministry was affirmed.

Moving to Memphis, TN in 1993, the Campbells began international ministry. Working among the Asian community for the next 8 years, discipling, teaching ESL and leading worship, Howie completed his 4 year degree, ran a construction company and was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 1999.

The Birth and Continuance of Wisdom and Truth

The year 2000 brought many changes to the Campbell family. Their children, who were home-schooled start to finish, were graduating and leaving home. Sarah married Christopher Taylor. At this time they saw the opportunity to commit themselves, again, to outgoing ministry. In the year 2003, utilizing their style of “music and message”, the ministry Wisdom and Truth was born. Teaming up with CIS, Inc. in 2008 afforded the Campbell’s a ministry covering, facilitating fund-raising for support.

Howie weaves a powerful message of faith in Jesus Christ as he sings and plays guitar. Debbie shares her testimony as she spices up the music with percussion. Together they take care of the nuts and bolts of the ministry. Now in their 10th year, and by God’s grace and leading, Howie and Debbie continue to travel, sharing the truth of Jesus Christ through music in mostly “non-church” settings.

Wayfarin' Strangers CD Release Party

Wayfarin’ Strangers CD Release Party 2012

We are supported by playing gigs, selling CDs and the ministry is supported by the generous contributions of those friends who have the same heart and vision that we do in order to reach Americans for Christ. We invite you to join us in this mission by friending us on fb,  and sending us a message. You may become more involved by joining our prayer team and sending financial contributions using the link to donate.
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Thank you for visiting our page and we hope you will enjoy the journey of faith that we share through our posts.

Blessings in Jesus name,

Howie and Debbie