Jun 18 2016

Loving the Homeless

It was a sunny afternoon when Howie and I were pulled off the highway fixing lunch at a lake. A man (who I will call “John,” to protect his privacy) heard Howie playing music. He came up and asked what kind of guitar Howie was playing. After some conversation, Howie asked him to join us for lunch. He replied, “No, thanks” and started to leave. Howie shook his hand and said, “Man, it was great to meet you, John.” John’s response is vividly engraved in my mind as he said with amazement in his voice, “Wow, nobody ever says that to me. Usually people just tell me to get away.” You see, John was homeless, wearing a jacket and carrying his pack in hand. He didn’t look neat and kempt like the tourists in this area.

Howie talking with a homeless man.

Howie began to share with him the value John had in the eyes of God. This is a priceless message to those who feel like the offscouring of the Earth. It is really heartbreaking to think there are so many around us who feel worthless, ashamed, and alone because hard times hit.

We ended up praying with him, hugging him as tears streamed down his cheeks. Howie gave him a Living Water: The Gospel of John that is small enough to fit in his pack – some encouragement for the dark, lonely days and a copy of his CD “Wayfarin Strangers Amped”. As John left Howie told him he loved him that Jesus loves him, hugging him again. Tears softened his eyes, and John went his way, deeply touched, apologizing for crying.

Many of us pass the homeless regularly. What is our response? Are we inconvenienced by their presence? Do we wish they would just go away, take a bath and somehow not disrupt our view? Or, do we see them as dearly loved by our Heavenly Father and therefore, by us. My heart is challenged to respond to the “lowly” in our communities with kindness and mercy.

Heavenly Father, make us vessels of your love. Show us how to personally care for those we see that are in the greatest need a touch from you today.

…Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: for I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.Matthew 24:34-36


Jun 10 2016

Listening to the Lord’s Instruction

While driving down 140 W toward Oklahoma City, Howie was overwhelmed with tiredness and asked me to drive. I immediately thought of the last time that happened to him. We were in Texas when the engine blew on our Sprinter van shortly after I took over the wheel. With this in mind, I began to pray.

Broken down on a lonely Texas road.

Broken down on a lonely Texas road

Traffic was heavy and we entered a construction zone, funneling traffic down to one lane. I was behind a truck with a car in tow. I was following about four car lengths behind the vehicle at 35mph. when the Lord said to me, “Don’t follow so closely”. Immediately I applied the brakes and dropped back, just as the wheel broke off the car in tow, leaving it rolling down the lane and the fender in the center of the lane. Sparks flew as the axle dragged along the highway.

I praise God for his guardianship in giving me a warning, though it didn’t at the time make sense to follow, I did. With a line of vehicles following closely behind me, it could have been a real mess, but because I followed the Lords instruction there was no accident.

Often I am asked how the Lord speaks to me. I describe it as a strong thought that crosses my mind, always something I was not thinking about, and seemingly out of the blue. When I am in doubt, I simply ask “Lord, is that you”? He has always given me an immediate answer if it is “Yes”. If I don’t hear an answer, I assume it was not Him, or check my heart to see if I am harboring sin that obscures His voice.

I am reminded of the scripture that I read the evening I was baptized. It is Jesus speaking and found in the Gospel of John. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27

There is another verse I am reminded of found in 1Kings where God spoke to Elijah. “And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.” 1 Kings 19:12

Listening for the Lords voice requires a quieting of our own. Some people have a very hard time quieting their thoughts, but with practice it can become quite natural.

So Lord, teach us to quiet our mind, still our own voice and show us how to wait on you.

Dec 12 2015

Live Stream Christmas Concert

As Christmas time approaches we would like to wish each of you a Spirit filled holiday. May Christ shine brightly in your hearts, home and community.

Our concert schedule is filling up for The Good News of Christmas, a musical presentation of the Christmas story. The schedule will take us from Appomattox, VA on the southern end through Upstate New York to the north. We are presenting it in coffeehouses, churches, missions and a “Coast to Coast” live stream. There will even be the intimate, friendly setting of a house concert.

View our upcoming dates on the event page at www.wisdomandtruth.org

The Good News of Christmas goes coast to coast!

Airing December 12th at 8PM EST and again at 10PM EST.

Live Stream Concert Window

The Good News of Christmas will be streaming live through Concert Window, going coast to coast and beyond. We invite you to watch the Advent celebration in the coziness of your own home. Invite your friends to watch it with you as it creates a great environment to connect with people on a spiritual level this Christmas season.

Download our order of presentation, have your Bible and hymnal ready and sing along. Presentation order

Airing on Concert Window
December 12th at 8PM EST and again at 10PM EST.

How it works.

Follow the link to Howie Campbell’s Concert Window
Create a log in and be ready when the performance begins. You may watch on your large screen, computer and even mobile device.
After a few minutes you will be asked to pay to continue watching. This is probably a $1 fee. To avoid inturruption I recommend paying before the show begins.
You may tip at any time.
Message us through Concert Window and let us know your are there!

This concert is a method for us to raise funds for our winter musicianary tours. This December we’ll be traveling from as far south as Appomatox, VA into Upstate NY where we are presenting The Good News of Christmas in coffeehouses, churches, city missions and homes.

We encourage tipping through Concert window, where we receive 70%. We also encourage giving a tax-deductable donation through our website where we will recieve 97%.

Pray that the true message of Christmas, the promised arrival of Messiah fulfilled, will deepen faith and change lives of all those who hear it.

Merry Christmas!

Howie and Debbie

Oct 6 2015

Praise Expo 2015

Charlottesville Virginia is a major music town. It makes sense that churches would involve music in their outreach strategy as well as stage praise and worship events.Praise pics 3a The folks at Aldersgate United Methodist asked Debbie and I to be a part of Praise Expo 2015. We were one of the music teams to perform that day.

Here’s a wonderful testimony of how the Lord directs our path.
While at a jazz jam session a violinist showed up. Her tone was wonderful and she seemed like a sweet gal so I met her afterwards only to discover she is a Christian, recently graduated from a music program at a Christian college. I contacted her later asking if she might be willing to join Debbie and I at an event, which she was. After looking at our web site, she messaged me that her dad traveled with his family growing up doing a similar ministry to ours. They have a heart for our style of ministry. We rehearsed the music an hour before the concert and performed well for our Lord. Thank you, Victoria Pent, for making the music even better!

It always blesses me the way God connects us with brothers and sisters to join in the joy of sharing the Good News, whether on a concert stage, on the street, in someone’s home or in a church setting. May God ever be glorified in the testimony of His saints, as we raise awareness of His immense goodness wherever we go.

Thank you, Lord, for connecting us with Victoria and her family. Many of the musicians we have a close relationship with have come into our lives by Divine appointment. We know God has a special plan for each one, and we pray the Lord, Jesus Christ will make Himself known mightily in each life and family.

Debbie, Howie, Victoria

Debbie, Howie, Victoria

Howie Campbell – guitar/vocal/native American flute
Debbie Campbell – percussion
Victoria Pent – violin

Jun 28 2015

Musical Performers Howie & Debbie Cville Coffee Open Mic

Howie and I are back in Charlottesville, Virginia for a few weeks. We  had the privilege of playing for the C’ville Coffee open mic last week. Here is our version of an original song written by Howie titled “Grampy”.


Jun 24 2015

Interview with Johnnie Thomason: Kingdom Keys Network

Thank you, Johnnie R. Thomason, at Kingdom Keys Network Christian Radio, for inviting us for an interview at the studio in Amarillo, Texas.

Johnnie R. Thomason Kingdom Keys Network

Johnnie R. Thomason
Kingdom Keys Network


Johnnie asked us questions about how and where we minister. This ten minute interview was aired on June 4, 2015  for their program “Community Information Interview”.

In case you missed it, don’t worry, we have posted it here for your listening pleasure!


Jun 16 2015

Streaming Concert before the Great Circle USA 2015

The night before we hit the road for the Great Circle USA 2015 Mission Tour we performed a live streaming concert  through Concert Window. We want to thank The Well House Cafe for making their space available to us. Thank you, Addie, for manning the coffee bar!

Here is an excerpt from that night. “Wayfarin’ Strangers” was played on the native flute, guitar and various percussion instruments.


Apr 8 2015

Playing The Star at Proctors

Sharing our faith in the public arena can be challenging. If bathed in prayer and done properly it can be an effective means of presenting Jesus Christ. Debbie and I recently had the opportunity to do just that in Schenectady. The Star is an open mic setting located in Proctor’s Theater, hosted by The Worship Guide-where jazz, soul & rock collide. This new weekly event is located in a large open space directly across from Apostrophe Cafe. It’s a perfect venue for getting plugged in to the downtown community.

Howie Campbell

Howie Campbell

THE STAR is a weekly concert series followed by an open mic night that they eventually want to broadcast on television and radio. The goal is to encourage the music community as well as business startups in a partnership that provides space, audience and activity seekers for the mutual benefit of all concerned. They encourage networking and even offer space available for vendors to bring their wares. Stay current with their events with The Worship Guide’s Facebook  page.


Johnathan Metcalf directing, Howie Campbell running sound and Donna Munafo of “4ever1”

The Star runs every Monday night beginning at 7PM with a featured artist. This is followed by an open mic until closing. Proctors, located in downtown Schenectady, NY has been beautifully remodeled and there is ample space for a crowd.

The Star concept is exactly what Debbie and I love to get involved with. 2nd Street Market in Tillamook, Oregon was very similar. There was a fine stage in the food court and the large, open building was filled with small shops looking to ply their trade in a cost effective venture. The business incubator is a great way for developing entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and others to interface. This is also a fantastic means to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in a non-churchy atmosphere.

Debbie and Howie at the Star

Debbie and Howie

We were the featured act that night, doing an hour show. After that, a band played about three songs, followed acoustic musicians who signed up for the open mic. While not everyone sang about Jesus, some did and the mix was a delightful blend of local talent. Of course, Debbie and I were able to sing about our Lord, and I shared a “witness bracelet” with someone, had some good discussions about the faith and also encouraged others.

Howie plays Native American flute on "Wayfarin' Strangers

Native American flute on “Wayfarin’ Strangers”

I love this type of ministry and look for these kinds of connections wherever we go around America. Ultimately everyone needs Jesus and this is a great platform for introducing folks to Him in a non-threatening environment. May God prosper and grow The Star ministry in Schenectady, New York and others like it all over America.

Jul 14 2014

Watch Howie & Debbie Campbell Live From Texas! July 15th 8:30PM EDT

Please join us for this live stream concert with special guest Ricky Russ! This concert will raise funds to replace our van and continue on down the road. You may read more about our blown engine in previous posts.

Watch Howie & Debbi Campbell Live From Texas! with special guest Ricky Russ | Concert Window.

You may also make a tax-deductible donation to send us back on the road through our website or copy and paste this into your browser address bar – http://wisdomandtruth.org/donate.html


Jul 7 2014

Watch Howie & Debbie Campbell ~ Concert Window

Watch Howie & Debbie Campbell in Milton-Freewater sort of | Concert Window.

And find event on Facebook