Advent: Celebration of God’s Faithfulness

Advent. Celebrate to birth of Jesus

Our Family Tradition

Since our first Christmas as Christians in 1985, we have celebrated the Advent with our family. It was the most important part of our Christmas celebration. It shines the spotlight on God’s working through the Old Testament and fulfillments in the New Testament. I can not imagine what Christmas would be like as a Christian without a careful look at these promises.

Beginning December 1st. and continuing to the climatic evening of December 24th. We would light the beeswax candles on the advent log, which Howie fashioned of New York State white birch, and read the Scriptures. Passages were selected to build our confidence in God’s faithfulness in keeping His promise of a Saviour.

“The Good News of Christmas” presentation was birthed from our family tradition of celebrating Advent. Below are a list of scriptures that you may want to look at over the next 24 days.

First Week
Our God Reigns –
Gen. 3:14-15 ?(fall of Satan and promise of his defeat esp. vs. 14-15) Deut. 18:15, 18-19?
Numbers 24:17 (…..there shall come a star out of Jacob…..) Star/Septor symbol of a King.

Second Week
Is. 11:1-2 (the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him)
Is. 10 ?(Root of Jessie an ensign)
Jeremiah 33:14-16 (branch of righteousness, out of David)
Zech. 6:12-13 ?(the branch)
Ps. 89:1-4 (Establish David’s throne esp. 3-4)
Ps. 110:4 (Priestly order of Melchizedek)
Is. 52:7-10 ?(how beautiful are the feet)
Is. 40:9-11 ?(tidings of a shepherd)
Mic. 5:2 ?(Bethlehem, comes forth ruler)
Is. 9:6-7? (onto us a child is born)
Is. 7:14 (virgin shall conceive) Light shine in gross darkness Is Is. 40:3-5 (John’s birth foretold)
Is. 9:2 (light shines in darkness)
John 1:1-8 ?(in the beginning, John bear witness)
John 1:9-18 ?(He came to his own)
Mark 1:1-3 (beginning of Gospel. John)

Third Week

Luke 1:5-13? (Elizabeth and Zechariah)
Luke 1:14-25 or Luke 1:5-35 (Angel to Mary)
Luke 1:39-45? (Elizabeth’s salutation)
Luke 1:46-56? (Mary’s salutation)
Luke 1:57-80 (John’s birth)

Fourth Week
Mt. 1:18-25 (birth of Jesus….Angel appears to Joseph and he took Mary to wife?)
Luke 2:1-20? (decree, inn, shepherds)
Luke 2:21 (circumsicion)
Mt. 2:1-2? (Wise men )
Matt 2: 3-12 (Herod gifts )
Luke 2:40 (Jesus grows)

Being Bold

If there is one holiday that is ready made for witnessing, it is Christmas. People know there must be much more than buying and giving, eating and drinking, partying and stressing. Perhaps you have family, friends, coworkers or neighbors that have closed off or simply haven’t responded to your message in the past. Here is another opportunity to bless them using the language of music and the spoken word.

Christmas is the time of year that we can be like Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch. “Then Philip began, and using this Scripture as a starting point, he told the eunuch the good news about Jesus…” Acts 8: 30-38

Some of the people that God places in our paths are spiritually similar to the eunuch. Christmas is here, the story of Jesus’ birth may be familiar. and they may be looking. Praying, we can look for opportnities to point out the fulfilment of prophesies regarding Jesus’ birth. By doing so, we speak of the validity of the Scriptures. Since these prophecies came true prescisely as foretold, so will the others.

If we simply trust God’s word, believe His promise of redemption and commit the keeping of our souls into His hands, then pray for opportunities to share the Good News with someone this Christmas season, it may be God will answer our prayer and grant someone new life in Jesus.

May the sweetness of Jesus be ever so strong this Christmas season!

Debbie and Howie

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