Dec 12 2015

Live Stream Christmas Concert

As Christmas time approaches we would like to wish each of you a Spirit filled holiday. May Christ shine brightly in your hearts, home and community.

Our concert schedule is filling up for The Good News of Christmas, a musical presentation of the Christmas story. The schedule will take us from Appomattox, VA on the southern end through Upstate New York to the north. We are presenting it in coffeehouses, churches, missions and a “Coast to Coast” live stream. There will even be the intimate, friendly setting of a house concert.

View our upcoming dates on the event page at

The Good News of Christmas goes coast to coast!

Airing December 12th at 8PM EST and again at 10PM EST.

Live Stream Concert Window

The Good News of Christmas will be streaming live through Concert Window, going coast to coast and beyond. We invite you to watch the Advent celebration in the coziness of your own home. Invite your friends to watch it with you as it creates a great environment to connect with people on a spiritual level this Christmas season.

Download our order of presentation, have your Bible and hymnal ready and sing along. Presentation order

Airing on Concert Window
December 12th at 8PM EST and again at 10PM EST.

How it works.

Follow the link to Howie Campbell’s Concert Window
Create a log in and be ready when the performance begins. You may watch on your large screen, computer and even mobile device.
After a few minutes you will be asked to pay to continue watching. This is probably a $1 fee. To avoid inturruption I recommend paying before the show begins.
You may tip at any time.
Message us through Concert Window and let us know your are there!

This concert is a method for us to raise funds for our winter musicianary tours. This December we’ll be traveling from as far south as Appomatox, VA into Upstate NY where we are presenting The Good News of Christmas in coffeehouses, churches, city missions and homes.

We encourage tipping through Concert window, where we receive 70%. We also encourage giving a tax-deductable donation through our website where we will recieve 97%.

Pray that the true message of Christmas, the promised arrival of Messiah fulfilled, will deepen faith and change lives of all those who hear it.

Merry Christmas!

Howie and Debbie

Jun 16 2015

Streaming Concert before the Great Circle USA 2015

The night before we hit the road for the Great Circle USA 2015 Mission Tour we performed a live streaming concert  through Concert Window. We want to thank The Well House Cafe for making their space available to us. Thank you, Addie, for manning the coffee bar!

Here is an excerpt from that night. “Wayfarin’ Strangers” was played on the native flute, guitar and various percussion instruments.


Aug 16 2009

WSPN 91.1 FM

Life is full of surprises when married to Howie Campbell. Sunday, our day of rest, has turned into many opportunities to share.

Last Sunday Howie went to visit his NY jazz drummer’s church in Albany where he met Arthur Ware, Sr. Art happens to host “Gospel Hours”, a program on WSPN Radio out of Skidmore College in Saratoga, NY. Even though our music is not considered “gospel” in the strict sense, he had us in for a live interview this morning.

Nearing end of the interview Art asked Howie to share some closing thoughts. Howie shared his testimony of how he met Jesus while living way out on a dirt road, didn’t know any Christians, but began to read the Word. From here he discussed the truth that there is power in the Word of God and that it is able to bring a person to salvation. He encouraged all of the listening audience to read the Bible for themselves. And if they have never read John he suggested to begin there..

Have you read the Gospel of John? John was an eyewitness to Jesus for three and a half years. John will tell you who Jesus is. He has the answer to life’s most important question: What must I do to be saved?

Thank you, Art, for having us on your show.