Resurrection Day!

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and
I will give you rest
Mat 11:28

Sometimes we find ourselves in a cycle of work where it is hard to stop and take time to rest. That is where we have been. Worn out by our search for a van and preparing to leave for the Great Circle Mission USA on Friday. But, Sunday, that was a day of blessing from the Lord.

During morning worship, Pastor Bruce talked about the napkin from our Lord’s head being folded in the tomb. According to Jewish custom that small detail is highly significant, expressing the idea that He is coming back. Oh, what joy that day will bring for us who are in Him. Jesus is coming back!

We went hiking up Sugar Hollow. It was perfect. A beautiful day sandwiched between two cloudy and rainy days. Sugar Hollow was Shea’s idea and he really enjoyed the fact that we had to ford the stream three times on the way up to the waterfall and of course three times on the way back down.

When we reached the top it was worth the hike. Falling over the mountain rocks was a beautiful waterfall, clean and cold. Below a pool formed.

Our family has always enjoyed the holidays together. One of our favorite activities is to walk through God’s creation. It is good to get out of the busyness of life and step back to really be in the moment. If you have family around, these quiet times together make those precious memories that carry us through difficult times.

After our walk we went to Shea’s place and he cooked up a fine meal. Roast chicken that was delightfully seasoned, served on a bed of crispy rice, broccoli and asparagus. YUM! Shea really knows how to cook and he is totally into the healthy food!

So now we are leaving this sweet spot on earth to begin our summer mission trip.  Please take a moment and catch the video below.

May you know Peace,

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