May 5 2010

CD Opens Doors for Encouragement

Our new music CD is ministering already and it’s not even out yet! As amazing as that may sound, it’s true.

Boys help Howie Load

Howie's music bridged gap

Howie prayed with the guys

Howie praying with the guys

While in Memphis, Debbie and I were blessed to join Pastor Ronnie Johnson at Miracle Baptist for worship and testimony. After a wonderful time of music with Greg, Anthony and Eddie, we sat down for lunch. Across the table from me were two young men in their twenties. They were brothers and one had a Bible. We hit it off immediately and I was able to encourage them in the Lord. As we were loading out I played some of the new CD. They really liked it, playing air guitar and enjoying the message in the songs. One of the guys said: “Somebody is getting into it.” I looked over at a middle aged lady who was moving to the rhythm. I asked her later how she liked Wayfarin Stranger and she said she loved it.
Debbie and a boy

A boy takes a liking to Debbie

It is truly a blessing to know that the music we were given by the Holy Spirit has the ability to reach across all sorts of man-made barriers and really minister. Not only do the words bear testimony of the Lord, many of them Scripture, but the music itself touches young and old. The music opened the doors for me to encourage and pray with these young men.

Debbie passes out salvation beads

Children gather to recieve "Salvation Bead" bracelets

Girl waits at our van

A young girl likes our van!

I can’t wait ‘till you hear this new CD, and we will certainly keep you posted as the release date draws near. I have put in a couple “all-nighters” recording and mixing it. This recording is the closest representation of what we sound like as we travel. So far I’ve recorded and mixed in three states, in five different locations, with headphones and speakers, and it’s getting very close to completion. Each mix brings it a little closer to what I’m hoping to end up with. Basically: it rocks! But better than that: it ministers!

Howie and Pastor Ronnie pray

Pastor Ronnie gives thanks for the days events