Apr 5 2017

Wisdom and Truth Minute: Day 98

Lump of Clay

Isaiah 64:8

Hi, I’m Howie Campbell, and this is a Wisdom and Truth Minute.

No one who knew me in my former days could ever have imagined the man I’d become, but God could. That’s because He created me. I’m like that lump of clay in Isaiah 64:8. I didn’t get back up on the wheel; at the appointed time the potter picked me up, and placed me back on the wheel. Then, he skillfully began to mold and shape me.

Thirty-two years in the making, I’m still not finished. I doubt that I will be complete, this side of eternity. However, I am quite different than I was, and the master potter continues to refine this lump of clay as he sees fit. Now, I am something useful to him. My friend, pray the potter will mold and shape you into that vessel he can use for his purposes.

May 9 2010

Wayfarin Strangers Amped CD nears completion

As the time approaches for the release of “W S Amped” my excitement grows. Wait ’till you see the artwork Seamus and Debbie just produced. Awesome!

This CD includes an old spiritual, some original songs, and a couple jam tunes. A 60s motif was definitely called for and that is exactly what we have. Seamus certainly was inspired to draw a really cool design, using elements from our current lifestyle: music/traveling. Then Debbie took his artwork and added the right color to bring out that ‘Woodstock’ era feel. The result? Well, you’ll be blown away. It’s more than groovy; it’s cool, man.

Peace, love, dove,


Wayfarin Strangers CD Cover Art

Shea's creative design with Debbie's Woodstock colors