Wayfarin Strangers Amped CD nears completion

As the time approaches for the release of “W S Amped” my excitement grows. Wait ’till you see the artwork Seamus and Debbie just produced. Awesome!

This CD includes an old spiritual, some original songs, and a couple jam tunes. A 60s motif was definitely called for and that is exactly what we have. Seamus certainly was inspired to draw a really cool design, using elements from our current lifestyle: music/traveling. Then Debbie took his artwork and added the right color to bring out that ‘Woodstock’ era feel. The result? Well, you’ll be blown away. It’s more than groovy; it’s cool, man.

Peace, love, dove,


Wayfarin Strangers CD Cover Art

Shea's creative design with Debbie's Woodstock colors

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