Mar 21 2016

Wisdom and Truth Minute: Day 1

Life’s Storms
Psalm 147:1, 16-17

Hi, I’m Howie Campbell, and this is a Wisdom and Truth Minute. “Praise the Lord; for it is good to sing praises unto our God. For it is pleasant and praise is comely” (Psalm 147:1).

Our recent snowstorm here in Virginia was a humdinger. While taking a break from shoveling, I took a walk. The nighttime sky was bright because the moon was full behind the clouds. The wind was blowing and the ice was beating on my face. My hair was covered with ice. And I thought of a scripture further down in Psalm 147. It goes like this: “He gives snow like wool: he scatters the hoarfrost like ashes. He casts forth his ice like morsels: who can stand before his cold?” (Psalm 147:16-17).

Friend, our lives are in God’s hands. So in all of life’s storms, trust God to see you through to that good place, and make you a blessing to somebody else.