Wisdom and Truth Minute: Day 43

Recognizing Jesus Christ

Luke 24:30-31

Hi, I’m Howie Campbell, and this is a Wisdom and Truth Minute.

One day, two men were walking towards the Israeli town of Emmaus, discussing recent events. They were traumatized and in great confusion because the teacher they were following, thinking he was the Messiah, was suddenly arrested, falsely accused, then basically murdered by the Romans and Jewish religious leaders.

Suddenly, a man showed up and walked with them. They didn’t recognize Jesus. He expounded from the Hebrew scriptures, beginning at Moses and the prophets, all things concerning himself. Luke 24:30-31 records this: “As they sat at dinner, he took bread, blessed it, and broke and gave it to them, and their eyes were opened; and they knew him.” Have your eyes been opened? Do you recognize the Christ? He calls for you to come and dine with Him.

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